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Jaerlawei 13, 9122 CT, Wetsens (Fr.)    

0519-221904 of 06-24257367


   Boniface the Musical is a compelling drama full of intrigue, passion, passion and murder. 

From May 30 to June 13, 2014 , this spectacular and widely acclaimed musical will be performed for the second year in the beautiful Eleven City and crime scene (murder of Boniface anno 754) DOKKUM .

Because DOKKUM is located entirely in North-East Friesland, but you really should not miss the musical, PROMOVOCAAL offers you a completely cared-for and carefree BONIFATIUS-MUSICAL Package.

You will be received on the day of the musical at 5 p.m. with a sparkling refreshment and small appetizer, after which a homemade dinner buffet will be waiting for you around 6 p.m.

After dinner and a cup of coffee / tea, you can be brought to the location of the musical (option), the beautiful and attractive Boniface Chapel. You can be picked up again after the musical.

At the TERP FARM , a drink will be waiting for you when you return and the wood stove will burn on the part or the fire pit in the farm garden and you can still have a nice drink / chat with the other musical guests.

You will sleep in one of the characteristic Terpboerderij rooms with names such as 'ruin view', 'church view' and 'the front house'. The next morning we will provide you with a delicious breakfast buffet, after which we will say goodbye to you.

Of course you can fill in that day yourself with a day at Dokkum, explore the Wad or choose one of the other many options for a day out.

We are happy to advise you.

You pay for the fully catered and carefree BONIFATIUS-Musical Package, whereby we also provide the tickets, only 95 euros pp!

For this receive nothing less than:

  • Sparkling reception at the Terp farm with a drink and snack
  • A Boniface dinner buffet with wines and water
  • Transport from the Terp farm to the music venue and back
  • Entrance tickets for Bonifatius-de-Musical in Dokkum
  • Drinks by the wood stove on the Part or by the fire pits in the Boerderijtuin
  • Overnight stay in attractive and characteristic Terpboerderijk room
  • Made beds
  • Use towels
  • Boniface Breakfast Buffet
  • An unforgettable FRIESIAN experience
  • Warm farewell

Below you will find more information about the musical.

You can also find more information on the musical 's site .

You can register here .

See you at the Terp farm!

Anne and Joanneke


Bonifatius de Musical is Dutch-language music theater with an authentic Frisian element. The official language and songs are in Dutch, some dialogues and songs are in Frisian.

A musical about Bonifatius in Dokkum requires an authentic theater environment. With the monumental Boniface Chapel , Dokkum has an inspiring public accommodation within walking distance of the city center.

The historic chapel (1934) was built to house pilgrim celebrations. Today the chapel is also used for cultural performances. The large circular interior with a half-open roof, a procession all around and a large stage in the middle with surrounding benches for the public, is reminiscent of a Roman amphitheater. The stage and seats are covered by a rough wooden roof. The public is sheltered, but also outside.

Change starts with a dream ...

In 754 AD, an English bishop travels to the rugged land of the pagan Frisians. He will tell them the truth. It is his last assignment to himself. But on his journey to distant Friesland he becomes desperate about his own truth. Dilemmas follow in rapid succession. He has to make choices. The beautiful nun Lioba, shrewd Bishop Hildegar and Boniface's impulsive student Sturmius make making the right decisions even more difficult. Thus his struggle against the pagan Frisians is increasingly becoming a struggle with himself. And how can he ever choose between passion, faith and love?

With Richard Spijkers (Bonifatius), Wieneke Remmers (Lioba), Wouter Braaf (Sturmius), Lotte Verhoeven (Alrun) and Syb van der Ploeg (Frisian druid), Theun Plantinga (Hildegar) and others.