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Jaerlawei 13, 9122 CT, Wetsens (Fr.)    

0519-221904 of 06-24257367


Sunday 5 May 3.30 pm


During the Remembrance Day and Liberation Day weekend of 4 and 5 May 2013, a unique and very special event will take place in Dokkum: a Karl Jenkins-SCRATCH with a concert open to everyone on Sunday 5 May .

On 4 and 5 May, so in just two days, a large occasional choir 'The Armed Man: a mass for Peace' by Karl Jenkins will both be rehearsing and rehearsing under the inspiring leadership of conductor, organist and voice teacher Anne E. de Bruijn .

On Sunday afternoon, this very special, impressive and compelling piece will be performed in a grand concert at 15:30 in the same Grote or St. Martinuskerk in a concert with unique, penetrating historical film images of different wars from all ages. This makes the music very penetrating and a true musical experience.

We guarantee that the experience of the 4-5 May commemoration during this concert will be one to remember, both for the audience and the choir members .

The choir that will perform this beautiful piece on Sunday 5 May will consist of (amateur) singers from all over the Netherlands, who can register individually, in groups or with their own choir to become a unique and massive 'A mass for peace occasion choir' .

The beautiful soprano Renate Jacobs , often seen and heard in Dokkum through her participation in concerts of Provocale, among others, takes care of some solo parts.

Also very special is the accompaniment by the brass band Excelsior from Ferwert. The fact that this band is permanently of a high quality is evident from the fact that they 

after the convincing win at the Dutch Brass Band Championship, also handled the Frisian spring competition 2013 in Drachten. The band, led by the talented Herman Sibma, scored almost a nine in the second division with the right to promotion!

Conductor, organist and voice educator Anne E. de Bruijn (1951) has often performed 'The Armed man' in Schoorl, Delft (Oude Kerk) and Dokkum (Grote Kerk). He knows how to touch the tone and atmosphere like no other, so that 'The Armed man' will crawl under the skin in sound and image.

Musical Organization Bureau PROMOVOCAAL strongly recommends this concert!

Due to the expected large number of visitors, we advise you to reserve tickets in time or be there on time.

Entrance fee

A symbolic price has been set for admission to this concert in order to attract as much audience as possible, but at the same time to reduce the costs somewhat.

The entrance tickets are only 5 euros on 5 May.

The tickets are available in the hall from 3 pm.

You can also reserve tickets through this site. Click here for this.

Free seats, so be on time!

The church opens at 3 pm.

Location and times:

Dokkum , Grote- or St. Martinuskerk at 3.30 pm

Large parking lot next to the church.