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Jaerlawei 13, 9122 CT, Wetsens (Fr.)    

0519-221904 of 06-24257367


May 2016

with concert: date will follow!

PROMOVOCALE invites you all, sopranos, altes, tenors and basses !

Do you want to gain a special experience and with a large occasional choir the impressive piece 'The Armed man; a Mass for Peace 'rehearsing and performing in a beautiful church in North Holland in one day?

Sing along!

The days are well organized and include coffee / tea / soft drinks with a snack in the breaks and a lunch or dinner (more information will follow) with soup / sandwiches and drinks on both days.

Do you also sing along?

  • We expect you to STUDY the music YOURSELF .
  • This can be done with the EXERCISE FILES on the following site: . Here you will find all lots of all pieces.
  • You should YOURSELF for the MUSIC (piano version) to ensure ;
  • among others for sale via via Books2Anywhere (free shipping)!
  • If it looks like the picture below, it does not have to be black. All other versions / folders please. 

All further information follows below. We hope to receive your registration soon and to welcome you in May for an unforgettable weekend!


PROMOVOCAAL organizes for the third time the unique and very special PROMOVOCAL Karl Jenkins-SCRATCH! This time in one day and in North Holland, together with the Schoorls Mixed Choir. On that day 'The Armed Man: a mass for Peace' by Karl Jenkins is rehearsed under the inspiring leadership of conductor and voice educator Anne E. de Bruijn .


On the same day , this very special, impressive and compelling piece will be performed in a grand concert, accessible to everyone, with unique, penetrating historical film images of various conflicts and wars from all ages.

We guarantee that the experience of the weekend before the War Memorial will be one to remember,

both for the audience and the choir members .


The choir that will perform this beautiful piece will consist of the Schoorls Mixed Choir and further all kinds of (amateur) singers from all over the Netherlands, who can register individually, in groups or with their own choir to become a unique and massive 'A mass for peace occasion choir' .

Do you also sing along?

You can also register for this via a site that is yet to be created (to follow) !


The rehearsals, the dress rehearsal and the concert will take place in a church in North Holland.

A very suitable church for this occasion with very good acoustics and sufficient seating!

The choir members are received with coffee / tea and a delicacy, where everyone is assigned instructions and a place. After this, the rehearsals start soon. 


Karl Jenkins: The armed man; a mass for peace

The armed man is the title of a mass composed by the Welsh composer Karl William Jenkins, subtitled "A Mass for Peace".

The piece was commissioned by the " The Royal Armories " (the Royal Arsenals) museum in Leeds on the occasion of the Millennium celebrations. The premiere took place in London in 2001, at the Royal Albert Hall , the year in which the attack on the Twin Towers also took place. This shocking event is reflected in the impressive film images.

The play was originally dedicated to the victims of the Kosovo crisis , which took place while Jenkins was working on his composition.

Just like Benjamin Britten 's " War Requiem " , it is essentially an anti-war piece consisting of 13 parts, about war, war, pain and despair, which ends with a sparkling song about peace and finally a very modest closing piece, from which there is hope and resignation. Also like Britten's work, it is built around the ordinarium of the Christian mass, which is combined with other sources, including the fifteenth century folk song " L'homme armé " in the first and the last part.

  1. "The Armed Man" - 6:25
  2. "The Call to Prayers (Adhaan)" - 2:04
  3. "Kyrie" - 8:12
  4. "Save Me from Bloody Men" - 1:42
  5. "Sanctus" - 7:00 am
  6. "Hymn Before Action" - 2:38
  7. "Charge!" - 7:26
  8. "Angry Flames" - 4:44
  9. "Torches" - 2:58
  10. "Agnus Dei" - 3:39
  11. "Now the Guns Have Stopped" - 3:25
  12. "Benedict" - 7:36
  13. "Better Is Peace" - 9:33

All this is sung in 4 voices (soprano-alto-tenor-bass) and accompanied by historical film images from various (world) wars. It is a very impressive piece of music, for choir members, audience and musicians alike, with the percussionists creating a great tension in the whole. The intention of the music is actually reinforced and supported because of the simultaneous display of historical war images.

You can get an impression of the music here clicks.

The texts that are used fall into three categories:

  1. heroic texts about war and violence
  2. sad texts about the consequences of the violence
  3. and finally the texts that bring hope and which point to the possibility of lasting peace

The whole is bound together by the call to prayer and the parts of the ordinarium. The text contains parts from the Islamic call to prayer, from the Bible (Psalms and Revelation) and the Hindu Mahābhārata . But also texts from the common disorder (Kyria, Sanctus), texts by authors such as Rudyard Kipling and Alfred Lord Tennyson. There is also a text by a survivor of the bombing of Hiroshima.

In the course of the centuries, several composers have written masses with the theme L'hommearmé: Johannes Regis, Guillaume Dufay (15th century), da Palestrina (16th century). More recently, the masses of Davies (1968) and therefore this mass of Jenkins (1999).


The rehearsals and concert will be conducted by conductor and voice educator Anne E. de Bruijn . Conducting Jenkins' The Armed man is not new to Anne. Under his direction this piece has been performed in Schoorl, Delft (Oude Kerk!) And also previously in Dokkum.

His Terp farm is perfect for a welcoming center for overnight stays, weekends, training and music, where everything is organized under his inspiring leadership as host, conductor and singing teacher.

Daily schedule of the SCRATCH weekend

The schedule of the SCRATCH will follow shortly, subject to exact times.


The costs for participation as a scratch member or as a project member will follow shortly below. 



Option 1:


coffee Tea


Option 2:


Everything from option 1 + .....


You can make your choice on the registration form on the site and you will find all the procedure information.

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with the necessary information within 7 working days .

We hope for your participation or to surprise you as an audience with this beautiful concert.

Warm and musical greetings, also on behalf of the Schoorls Mixed Choir,

Anne and Joanneke