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Jaerlawei 13, 9122 CT, Wetsens (Fr.)    

0519-221904 of 06-24257367


A wonderfully relaxed and fully catered (all-inclusive) weekend carefree painting with each other, learning from each other and perhaps inspired by each other's arts. But also watch and listen and enjoy in and around the attractive and cozy Terp farm. 

All this in the beautiful surroundings of Northeast Friesland with its surprising nature and culture (the nature reserve Lauwersmeer, the Wad, Historisch Dokkum, etc. at max. 15 min. Distance).

Of course, in addition to painting and / or drawing, there is also time to get a breath of fresh air on the unique Wad with its beautiful views, the Lauwersmeer or a visit to the historically very rich and pleasant shopping and Eleven Cities city of Dokkum.

Maybe you will find inspiration again ?!


The people who participate in a Painting and / or Drawing Weekend are generally people with some (amateur) painting experience who find it fun, cozy and inspiring to work with other (hobby) painters and / or draughtsmen in a studio and / or in the beautiful landscapes of North-East Friesland. 

But ... also people who want to paint / draw for the first time,love wide landscapes or prefer working outdoors, can participate in our weekends with great pleasure and satisfaction and learn from the more experienced participants.

Anyway, you will go home many (shared) experiences and perhaps a beautiful homemade work (or several) richer and wonderfully relaxed!   


Because .... ever painted on / along the Wad during a dazzling summer day?

With the beautiful natural lines of dikes, cobalt blue skies, or patterns left behind by the water in the silt? 

Or in the morning at the ruin on the edge of the mound Wetsens with the smell of freshly cut grass in your nose?

Not only see the morning mist above the green meadows, but also feel it with a view to the horizon?

Painting while standing face to face with the typical Frisian pedigree cattle?

Shared experiences after all drawing / painting around the fire pit with a good glass of wine in your hand, while the bats shave silently over your head?

If not, a Painting and drawing weekend at Promovocal is definitely worth a try! 


On Friday , the coffee / tea with a Frisian delicacy is ready for you from 5 p.m. !

After the reception, we will show you around in the Terp farm and you can bring your belongings to your room. Because experience has shown that not everyone will arrive at the same time, there is a soup and sandwich buffet that evening , so that those who arrive a little later can also eat a hot snack. 

Later that evening the entire weekend program will be discussed with you and during a ' round of Terp ' the history of Wetsens will be explained on foot and you will already see where your painting / drawing place for the next day might be!

The Saturday begins with a buffet breakfast , and soon the studio or a beautiful place outside is looked up for the first pen stroke the day. After lunch there is room for a ' Trot ' (= going out together in the nature or culture of Northeast Friesland) or your own interpretation of time.  

The rest of the afternoon and evening we continue to work on your own creation. The last hours can be spent on mutual presentations of experiences and productions already gained or an evening drink on the Wad (depending on the season and weather).

The day will be rounded off with a pleasant chat and conversation on the Deel or outside by the fire pit.  

On Sunday , painting / drawing is preceded by a soothing opening . After that, a day program is soon put together and we set off again. After the well-known extensive and hearty Sunday lunch , a 'pride' awaits you or, if you wish, finalizing / further developing your painting / drawing on location.

Around three o'clock Joanneke comes by for a drink and a snack, after which we hold a final presentation in the Atelier, where we can view and admire our results. After the presentation, there will be a snack and drink in the Terpboerderij to have a chat, after which the weekend will be completed around 5 p.m.   


Because you may be standing regularly during painting / drawing, we recommend that you bring comfortable footwear and / or warm slippers. For those who prefer not to or cannot stand for long, there are plenty of seating options. 

In addition to painting / drawing, there is also room for Trotter, or excursion options, during the weekend. The what, where and how depends, among other things, on the weather, the interests of the participants in the weekend and the interest. 

The Saturday begins with a buffet breakfast , and soon the studio or a beautiful place outside is looked up for the first pen stroke the day. After lunch there is room for a ' Trot ' (= going out together in the nature or culture of Northeast Friesland) or your own interpretation of time.  

If the weather is fine, we could have lunch and dinner outside and / or chat and have a drink by the fire pit in the evening and eventually even start an evening song (maybe on the Wad at sunset?).

Even then, warm sweaters and thick socks are not an unnecessary luxury (except in the summer?)!      


Because it is our experience that each participant has his own preference for working with specific and special materials, we have chosen to let everyone bring their own painting and drawing supplies.


The weekends are ' all inclusive '.

This means the following with Promovocal on the Terp farm in Wetsens:

  • made beds and coffee / tea with Frisian delicacy on arrival
  • use of towels
  • morning and afternoon tea / coffee with sweets
  • 2x breakfast buffet with typical Frisian and / or homemade dishes / products
  • 2x lunch buffet with typical Frisian and / or homemade dishes / products
  • soup and sandwich buffet on Friday evening with typical Frisian and / or homemade dishes / products
  • dinner buffet on Saturday evening with typical Frisian and / or homemade dishes / milk / buttermilk / water / wine during meals
  • 2x drinks with savory items
  • possibilities for excursions to the Wad, the Lauwersmeer or Dokkum (with guidance)
  • use of board games, reading material, billiard table and shuffleboard
  • linger in the farm garden with all kinds of cozy seating areas and fire pits
  • stay on the Part with atmospheric wood stove
  • use of the spacious and bright Atelier with sufficient seating options (painting and / or drawing materials not included)
  • use of the beautiful and typical Friesland light and vastness and special views of the land and the Wad.

Below the corresponding amounts for the entire all-inclusive weekend .

Multi-person room: 175 euros pp

Single room (only limited available): 25 euro pp extra charge

Vide: 150 euros pp

Would you like to experience all this (or again) or more information?

Then you can register here (with a group is also possible, from 10 people.

There is also a group discount!)

We will then contact you as soon as possible.

See you (again) at the Terp farm in Wetsens!

Anne and Joanneke