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Jaerlawei 13, 9122 CT, Wetsens (Fr.)    

0519-221904 of 06-24257367


Pride = go out together in the culture and nature of North-East Friesland!

Under the guidance of your hostess / host, discover and explore the culture and nature of Northeast Friesland during varying and different excursions in the vicinity of the Terp farm .

You can think of walking on and around the Wad, life on and around the Wad ('t Fiskershuske ), a walk near and around the Lauwersmeer that is very bird-rich and where all kinds of orchids grow and bloom, a day trip to the Frisian island Ameland with its wide beaches and cozy villages, a cultural tour of Wetsens about the contours of the once largest mound in Friesland, a visit to the 12th century Vituskerk of Wetsens, a visit to the historically rich Eleven Towns 'Dokkum' with its interesting museums and the Boniface spring and chapel and much more.

And after a day full of impressions and experiences you come 'home' in the comfortable and cozy Terp farm , where a delicious buffet awaits you with homemade and / or regional dishes. Also in the garden by the fire pit or by the wood stove on the Part, it is just wonderful to relax and recover after a tiring day. And if you're completely rosy in the evening, a cozy bedroom with nostalgic girders or a real thatched roof awaits you.

An artistic expression may also be added to all this in the form of images, song or music.

In short: be surprised by a special and fully catered pamper weekend with

ever-changing and unique experiences during our special Trotter weekends! 


A Trotter weekend is for everyone who likes to walk / exercise and also likes to learn something from the environment. And of course for those who want to get to know this special part of the Netherlands!


On Friday, the coffee / tea with a Frisian snack is ready for you from 5 p.m.! After the reception, we will show you around in the Terp farm and you can bring your belongings to your room. Because not everyone will arrive at the same time, there is a soup and sandwich buffet that evening, so that those who arrive a little later can also eat a hot snack. The entire weekend program will be discussed with you later that evening.

Saturday starts with a breakfast buffet and an explanation of the day, after which it is soon left for the first 'Trot'. This can take an entire day, with lunch being provided elsewhere, or half a day, so that you can have lunch at home at the large table on De Deel. The second half of the day is then spent on a second 'Trot'. After the dinner buffet there is plenty of time and space to talk about the day's experiences by the wood stove on the Deel or outside in the Wees by the fire pit with a nice wine or cold beer.

The theme of this day is the culture of Northeast Friesland.

On Sunday, the 'Trot' is preceded by a relaxing day opening. After that, a program is soon put together and discussed for the day. This can consist of a part 'Artistic expression' and a third 'Trot' or a whole day 'Trot'. This day is largely devoted to nature. After the last 'Trot', there is another drink in the Terp farm to talk about, after which the weekend approaches around 17:00.


Bring nice walking shoes, boots and comfortable (warm and rain) clothing! For walking on the Wad you need tight-fitting shoes (no boots!), Such as surf shoes or sneakers (all-stars). These shoes get dirty, so don't buy new shoes to wear afterwards! A small backpack is also nice to take with you, if necessary, with small binoculars, some personal items and a bag where you can keep 'finds'. You never know!

If the weather is fine, we could have lunch outside and / or chat at the fire pit in the evening, have a drink and finally, if necessary, start an evening song (or maybe even on the Wad at sunset?). Even then warm sweaters and thick socks are not an unnecessary luxury (except in summer)!

Because it can be chilly on the tiles in the Terp farm in winter, we recommend that you bring comfortable footwear and / or warm slippers.


Do you want to experience all this (or again)? Then you can register with a registration form that you will receive after registration via the contact form.

For 10 or more participating persons, the costs for the entire all-inclusive weekend are:

Multi-person room: 225 euros pp

Single room (only limited available): 25 euro pp extra charge

Vide: 200 euros pp

With fewer participants or larger groups, the amounts for a Trotter weekend depend on the number of participants and the number and type of excursions.

Ask for a quote and / or keep an eye on the agenda for weekend dates!

Who knows goodbye in Wetsens!